Class 1Ga

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Here are the answers to the tasks I gave you at the beginning of the week. Please, compare them to yours and correct mistakes if there are any.

Class 1Pa

Page 130

Exercise 1: 1.got, 2.played, 3.won, 4.chose, 5.watched, 6.painted, 7.had, 8.was/were

Exercise 2: 1.was, 2.had, 3.got, 4.chose, 5.painted, 6.played, 7.won, 8.watched

Exercise 3:

  1. The lesson started ten minutes ago. 2. I wasn't at school yesterday because I was ill. 3.The teacher gave us lots of homework yesterday. 4. Did Jack know about the exam? 5.We met some interesting people at the party. 6.Why did you leave your old school?

Exercise 4: 1.yesterday, 2.last, 3.ago, 4.yesterday, 5.hours, 6.evening


Exercise 1: 1.were driving, 2.were feeling, 3.was looking, 4.was concentrating, 5.was raining, 6.were listening

Exercise2.: 1.was having, 2.weren't doing, 3.was Alex going, 4.wasn't listening, 5.were reading, 6.were you looking

Exercise 3: your own answers in the past continuous

Exercise 4: 1d, 2f,3b, 4a, 5e, 6c

Have to /don't have to

Exercise 1: Does, 2.leave, 3.has to, 4.don't have, 5.do we have to, 6.doesn't

Exercise 2: 1.Emma doesn't have to clean the bathroom. 2.Oscar has to take the rubbish out. 3.Emma and Oscar have to tidy the living room. 4.Does Emma have to feed the dog? Yes, she does. 5.Do Emma and Oscar have to do the ironing? No, they don't. 6.Does Oscar have to load the dishwasher? No, he doesn't.

Page 132

Exercise 1: 1.mustn't park, 2.must show, 3.mustn't swim, 4.must wait, 5.mustn't use, 6.mustn't eat

Exercise 2: 1.doesn't have to, 2.don't have to, 3.doesn't have to, 4.mustn't, 5.don't have to, 6.mustn't

Exercise 3: 1.You needn't buy a present. 2.Students needn't bring a calculator to the exam. 3.We needn't reply to that email. 4. You needn't worry about it. 5. Sam needn't stay after school tomorrow. 6. Mum needn't do all this washing-up.

Exercise 4: 1b,2a,3a,4c, 5b, 6a

Page 133

Exercise1: 1.I'm getting on the train now-present. 2.We're going to London next week-future. 3.What are you doing at the moment-present. 4.You're not listening to me-present. 5.Is Fiona coming with us tomorrow?-future. 6. Ben's not taking any exams next year-future.

Exercise 2: 1.does, 2.leave, 3.leaves, 4.does, 5.stop, 6.doesn't, 7.does, 8.arrive, 9.arrives


Do wszystkich moich uczniów

To all my students 

Good morning. Due to current situation and consequently lack of face to face contact with you my dear students- which I miss a lot-we have to somehow work out another way to communicate and cover the material at English. You are supposed to have the books, so I will send you the pages and numbers of exercises you are to do within a week or a few days and then will give you the answers. In case you need some explanations, you can write to me through our school computer system operator. If the situation prolongs, I will also include some additional tasks. Besides, I try to check the instaling twice a day and add new words if only you practice the vocabulary and allow me to do that.

Please, try to follow the instructions, do not waste the time, use this complicated period for improving your family relations, some kind of reflection but also for self-development. I wish you and your families good health.

With regards,

Maria Garduła-Śniegowska   


Klasa I pa

Please do grammar exercises on pages 130-133 in your student's books and exercises from 1 to 5 on page 37 also in your studet's books.


Klasa I ga

You are  supposed to do all the revision exercises to module 3 both in your student's books and workbooks. Then, looking at the vocabulary for the fourth module at the back of the workbook, please do exercises from 1 to 3 on page 53 in your student's books writing your answers in the notebooks.


Klasa IIc

grupa podstawowa

Please do exercises from 1 to 6 on page 142 in student's books checking the meaning of new words  on additional vocabulary lists I gave you. In workbooks do exercises from 1 to 4 on page 73.



IIc grupa rozszerzona i II a

Please, learn the vocabulary to lesson 1C and 1D and do exercises on pages 10 and 12 in student's books. Moreover, do the exercises to these lessons in the workbook.   

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